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This is a vintage three disks, original copyright 1957, some scenes are the same as in the original disks of 1948. Disk are in like new condition, The envelope is shows some slight use.

The following are the views by disk number:

1-Havana from Morro Castle

2-Morro Castle and bay

3-Moat and bastion of Morro Castle

4-El Prado Promenade

5-Dome of National Capitol is 308 feet high

6-Presidential Palace

7-San Critobal Cathedral-over two centuries old

Reel two. 1-Monument honors American killed in sinking of Maine

2-Statue of Cuba hero Jose Marti

3-Cementerio de Colon

4-General Maceo Statue at Maceo Park 5-Maximo Gomez Monument on Malecon

6-National Lottery vendor

7-Rolling Havana cigars

Reel three 1-Swimming at Concha Beach

2-Nacional Hotel


4-Home of Daiquiri Rum

5-Tropicana Club Floor Show

6-Montmatre Night Club

7-Calypso Dance ay Sans Souci

Two packets of 3 disks with Cuba photos were made by Viewmaster, the two packets are very similar, disk One is the same in boths packets, disk Two and Three have a few different photos.


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