Polymita Land Snail Shells

Because every Polymita is different than others, it is impossible to have more than one of each, therefore our inventory always shows: "Only 1 left in stock !".

We have others similar to the ones shown in the site, but they are not exactly alike, you will receive the exact same box or shells that appear in the photos.

The first time you see these shells you may think that they were hand-painted by the most incredible artist. Polymitas are terrestrial mollusks that are EXCLUSIVE of the Cuban eastern province of Oriente. There is no other place in the world blessed with the beauty of these animals.

Polymitas are all different individuals, there are no two exactly the same, their colors are all shades of red, yellow, green, white, grey, purple and blueish. They show different designs and lines of different width and contrasting colors.

A collection of Polymitas is never finished, and now you have the opportunity to own at least a few of these beautifull, incredible shells, or if you would like to make a very special gift for that person that has everything, Polymitas would be something UNIQUE.