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    It all started back in the day before the internet didn't have anywhere near as many niche businesses online as it does today, though we really did not start as a business.

    Dad, like many Cubans, left Cuba at a young age due to the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Leaving behind all of his; family, belongings and dreams of become successful while growing old in his birthplace. Mom, arrived shortly after and they married a year later. After a few years of hard work and three kids later, they managed to become middle class citizens. As they struggled to become more successful they started collecting a few Cuban mementos from their youth they so much miss before the revolution.

    Over the years their personal mementos grew into a larger collection of rare vintage Cuban collectible memorabilia and antiques from 1800's to 1950's (before the Cuban revolution). Their collection mostly comprised of vintage; Out-Of-Print Publications, Books and Promotional Merchandise from private businesses in Cuba such as; Casinos, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Stations, Schools, etc... Many items are from famous American brands, some still in existence today (e.g: Disney, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hershey, Hilton, Woolworth, Shell, Texaco, Esso, Standard Oil, and many others).

    Like most collectors, my parents wanted to sell some of their pieces in order to acquire and collect other pieces, that's where I came in. I helped my parents setup the first online store of vintage Cuban collectible memorabilia to sell a few of their treasured memories from their youth. Quickly we realized there were many people like my parents with similar needs, wanting or needing to sell their families inherited mementos from people all over the world.

    Today, still remains the largest online store of rare vintage Cuban collectible memorabilia and antiques, selling worldwide even to The White House. Reuniting old memories, collectors and historians with these long lost little treasures from that once was the Pearl of the Antilles, Cuba.

    After all, what better gift to give someone than a special memory from their youth that has endured a lifetime? Whether it's for one's self, a gift for someone they love or work with, anyone will enjoy these fine Cuban memorable treasures from their childhood in Cuba.
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