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Product Description

This is a vintage disk, original copyright 1948, new editions of this same disk were made up to 1957, same photos in all editions. Disk in like new condition, the envelope is tan from time elapsed.

In this disk the 3-D views of:

1-Havana from the Air

2-Havana Biltmore Beach

3-Morro Castle constructed in 1589

4-Havana skyline from Morro Castle

5-Drawbridge and entrance to Morro Castle

6-Moat and Bastions of Morro Castle

7-Cabana Fortress Morro Castle and harbor entrance

A total of seven different disks were made buy Viewmaster, six from different parts of Havana and one from Varadero Beach, we have available four different disks from Havana, two from Habana and the one from Varadero are not available at this time.


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