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Album from War War II, published by La Estrella, the famous Cuban chocolate manufacturer company. Album has 28 pages, strongly attached to the spine and covers. Is full, 108 spaces with 108 postcard, 108 war ships during the Second World War.

Beautiful postcards in vivid colors showing the majestic appearance of war ships from all countries, each card shows one ship, and under each card, in Spanish the name of the country that it belongs to, and a description of tons, artillery and maximum speed.

All postcards has been very well taken care of, they look like new, no fading colors, no bending marks, cards are in impeccable condition.

Of course, the album includes countries like Cuba with its tiny fleet of 3 ships. USA with 10 ships, including the air craft carrier "Lexington", destroyers "Arizona", "New York", and six others. Other large countries like Germany with 9 ships, China only had 3 ships.

Many of the smaller countries, like Portugal, Egypt, Peru, Poland, Latvia, Lituania, etc. with just one ship.

Publicado por La Estrella, fabricante del famoso chocolate cubano.


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