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    1953 50 Centavos Cuba Silver Coin MS62 KM# 28

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      Purchase 1953 50 Centavos Cuba Silver Coin MS62 KM# 28

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      1953 50 Centavos Cuba Silver Coin MS62 KM# 28

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      KM# 28. 178-005.

      Encapsulated and Certified as UNCIRCULATED MINT MS62 by PCGS

      Cuban 50 centavos coin issued as part of a set of three silver coins coins (plus a brass one cent coin to complete the 4 coins 1953 set) to commemorate the 100th birthday of Jose Marti.

      Contens: Silver 0.90, 0.1808 oz, 6.25 gr. 24.3 mm. Same size as the 50 cents US coin. 19,000,000 made.

      Moneda de 50 centavos cubana.


      • Catalog No: 28

      • Year: 1953

      • Denomination: 50 Centavos

      • Certification & Grade: PCGS MS62

      • Metal: Silver

      • Weight: 12.5000 g (0.9000 Silver 0.3617 oz)

      • Size: 31 mm

      • Mintage: 2,000,000

      • Obverse: Legend: 1853 • CENTENARIO DE MARTI • 1953 | Design/Device: José Martí bust facing star left

      • Reverse: Centennial - Birth of Jose Marti. Inscription on scroll, denomination at right

      Note: The Catalog Number used above are based on the Krause Publications Standard Catalog of World Coins. These catalog numbers are employed solely for the purpose of coin identification and reference, and they remain the property of Krause Publications. We wish to clarify that Cuba Collectibles is an independent entity with no affiliation to Krause Publications, and the use of these catalog numbers does not imply any endorsement, sponsorship, or association between our Cuba Collectibles and Krause Publications. Some items may appear to be smaller, larger than their actual size, or different shade of color compared to other items displayed due to photo settings, and distance taken, in order to provide greater detail.

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