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Product Description

Empty Wood cigar box, it is like new,  This box may have tiny, not easy to see accidental mark, there are absolutely no signs of neglect on this boxes. No defects, no stains, you will only know the box is not new is because it doesn't have the HAND MADE cigars that once were inside the box. Sorry, no cigar aroma left in the box.

The box looks exactly as it shown in the picture, the size is long, approximate 7 X 6 X 2 inches. Note: One or more sides can be up to a fraction of an inch larger or smaller than indicated above.
These boxes come from walk-in humidors where customers come in to inspect the cigars they are considering to purchase. As a rule cigar enthusiastic are very careful individuals that are proud to handle the cigars and the boxes with extra clean hands, this is the reason these boxes looks like new, immaculate.

These boxes were not made in Cuba, most of them were made in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, with the obvious intent to make it look like as much as possible as the original Cuban Wood Cigar Boxes.

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