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    H. Upmann, Glass Humidor, Empty Cigar Jar

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      SKU: h-upmann-humidor-empty-cigar-jar
      H. Upmann, Glass Humidor, Empty Cigar Jar

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      Cigar Glass Humidor Antique, H. Upmann

      This is a vintage antique from H. Upmann Cigars glass humidor. No tobacco aroma included, is empty. This type of container were used for high end cigar instead of cigar boxes.

      On the top of the lid it reads: “NATURE SEASONED” CIGARS. On the second level of the lid, part of what can be read is: “CLOSED LID IMMEDIATELY AFTER....”.

      On a side there is an extra large Tax Seal, no amount or date other than a reference to a law of July 18, 1912.

      The metal strap that holds the aluminum hinged clasps that keeps the lid tight presents the classic patina.   

      The HUMIDOR IS 7” tall by 4” diameter. Leather strap is in like new condition and it reads H. UPMANN. This is an original piece not a reproduction.

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