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Compañia Azucarera Central Mabay, Bayamo, Julia, Oriente

From Sugar Mill Mabay. 

In almost like new condition good condition, VERY FRIM COLORS, made of linen, NO tears, reaps, or holes. Incredible after over half century.

All sugar bags shown in our site are of approximate the same size, 18 X 32 inches, they may appear smaller or larger than others because the photos were taken from different angles.

Saco del tipo que se usaba en ingenios y centrales de Cuba para almacenar el azúcar de 100 libras.

Saco vacío, original del Central Mabay Bayamo, Julia, Oriente
En extraordinarias condiciones de conservación, hecho de tela de hilo (lino), sin roturas, ni grandes manchas del tiempp transcurrido  Los colores bien definidos,

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