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A chess set, including box and board that is truly an object of art, not something to play chess with.

Each piece, with a sign with the names of the patriots that each represents.

Each piece of the set is hand painted with a resemblance of a Cuban patriot. Some of the XIX century patriots represented are: Jose Marti, Antonio Maceo, Maximo Gomez, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Ignacio Agramonte, Narciso Lopez, and others including Father Felix Varela in his religious clothing. The Spanish soldiers are also represented represented. The flags of Cuba and Spain takes the places of the respective rooks.

Each piece is an average of approximate 3 inches high, and very heavy at about 3 ounces a piece. If you want to have an idea how heavy each piece feel, hold 12 US quarters (25 cents coins) with your fingers, and that would be less than 3 ounces. We don't know the material used to make the pieces, but it feels like a very heavy metal.

The hardwood box is made of what appears to be mahogany, covered by a delicate thin and extremely smooth film of resin that was expertly applied. The top of the box is the beautiful chess board. The box measurements are: 15.25 X 15.25 X 3 inches high. We have tried to provide as many photos as possible, no matter how hard we tried, the beauty of this set can not be shown in photos.


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