Cuban Coins 1915 – 1958 Type Set Tri-Fold Display Album/Book

Cuban Coins 1915 – 1958 Type Set Tri-Fold Display Album/Book

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Beautifully made Cuban coin type set tri-fold display album/book. Tri-fold display album/book is elegantly constructed of 4 mm thick hard board. Exterior is wrapped in royal blue simulated leatherette material (looks like leather). On the front cover, proudly embossed in bold lettering The Republic of Cuba with the Cuban Coat of Arms directly below, followed by a brief description of its contents in simulated gold leaf foil exquisite.

Both outside panels are folded inward to cover the center panel. The first, and center interior panel has precision die-cut holes to securely hold in place one of each type set Cuban coins minted from 1915 through 1958 (except for gold coins), with professionally printed reference directly below each die-cut hole on a glossy white background. The third interior panel has a pocket, with a 8½ x 11 four page booklet on the Brief History of Cuban Numismatics (both pocket, and booklet is constructed/printed on the same glossy white background as the other two panels) wow.

Great gift idea for any collector, grand-kids, holiday, family heirloom, and birthdays/wedding anniversaries between 1919 1958. This Cuban coins 1915 1958 type set tri-fold display album/book will last for generations!

NOTE: Display album/book sold with NO coins. Display album/book with ALL coins available as displayed for an additional charge, will include of course, the three different type of Peso coins the two different 40 centavos, the 3 different pesetas, the 2 different dimes, the quarter, the half peso, nickels, pennies, and the rare 2 cents coin. .


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