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    Bottle Cerveza Polar, full, unique item

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      Bottle Cerveza Polar, full, unique item

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      It is just one bottle, the image is of two different angles of the same bottle.

      Vintage Cuban bottle. Original Cuban Polar beer bottle of the 50's, still full, just by gently moving the bottle, you can see bubbles from carbonation over 50 years old still trapped in the bottle.

      Look at the large photo of the bottle with the light behind it, you will see it, incredible. Click on the image to see another view including the cap, to find a bottle cap in this condition is very, very rare, remember tha beer cases rested one on top of the others while in transit or storage, the friction used to scratch the image in the caps even when the bottles were delivered to the stores and bars. Not to mention the label, a large percentage of beer bottle were inmersed in iced water tanks prior to sale to the consumer, this one bottle evidently was cooled the modern way. Look at the large photo of original bottle cap is in incredible condition.

      Botella de cerveza cubana llena. Botella de Cerveza Polar, la marca de la cerveceria; Compania Cervecera Internacional S.A. a relieve esta perfectamente definida, la etiqueta en muy buenas condiciones, es muy ancha y no se puede ver en una sola foto, por eso mostramos dos angulos diferentes.

      Si se mueve la botella suavemente todavia se pueden observar las burbujas de la carbonacion que permance atrapada en la botella por mas de medio siglo. Haga click sobre la imagen y vera la tapa o chapa de la botella.

      En excelentes condiciones, una botella en casi perfectas condiciones de conservacion. Nunca hemos visto una botella llena de cualquier contenido en mejor condicion.

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