Bottle Ironbeer, first bottle design. Cuban soft drink

Bottle Ironbeer, first bottle design. Cuban soft drink

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Product Description

This is the original bottle design of the famous Ironbeer, a Cuban soft drink. Lettering are embossed, including the name of its creator, MANUEL RABANAL, at center of the bottle the word IRONBEER and the bottom of the circle the words HABANA, CUBA.

We wonder if in 1917, on a summer afternoon, when the mule-drawn wooden wagon arrived at a popular cafeteria in Havana, Cuba, one of the bottles delivered was the bottle we have in our site.

The famous Ironbeer soft drink created by Manuel Rabanal, may have been delivered to that cafetaria, soon be called "The National Beverage", could have been bottled in this embossed bottle, the bottle remains in excelent condition.