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    1 Luisa Maria Guell, DVD mi decision - my decision, by Agustin Blazquez

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      1 Luisa Maria Guell, DVD mi decision - my decision, by Agustin Blazquez

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      Luisa Marfa is an accomplished musician and artist, a creative being who has devoted her life to her career as a singer, composer and arranger.

      She received the gift of an incredible, one-of-a-kind, powerful voice with an extraordinary range, perfect pitch and rhythm, a privileged musical ear and a quiet charisma. The child prodigy began her career at 5 years old. Her tenacity and discipline have preserved her voice intact since the beginning of her singing career in her native country, Cuba, where she grew up, studied, performed, recorded and was a teen idol by 1964.

      In 1966 she made the irreversible, gut-wrenching decision at what was the pinnacle of her life and career, to leave Cuba, in spite of her rising career and fan adoration. In1968 the decision finally resulted in the liberty she craved.

      To her surprise, her career grew in Europe, especially in Spain where she lived for 15 years receiving praise from critics and fans alike, winning the 1969 Malaga International Song Festival. She recorded many albums and performed in theaters, radio and television and toured as far as South America.

      In 1979, she was awarded the Interpretation Award and the Edith Piaf Gold Medal at the Grand Prix De Paris International De La Chanson. This was the first time this honor was bestowed on a non-French singer.

      Her voice and recordings took her throughout Europe, Central, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, where she performed in theaters and television. She also performed at Carnegie Hall and the Town Theater in New York, in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami. She continues to add to her list of 28 albums and live performances. ABIP 2012

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