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Texts by Manuel Moreno Fraginals and Jose A. Pulido Ledesma
Photographs by Martin Monestier.
Book, sometimes we have this book available in Spanish

The only book we know published in Cuba after 1959 that has a superlative print quality and worthwhile content. We do not put in our site anything printed in Cuba because they are always full of propaganda to for communist tyranny; in this case we make an exception because the book is so beautiful and contains so much history about the currency of Cuba.

It start with the Spanish colony, continues with the Republic era, without the usual propaganda that is not so brazen, the despicable figure of Castro appears only once.

The quality of the paper is extraordinary, the photos are wonderful, and the information is very interesting. There are 220 pages of thick and glossy paper that we had never seen in the printing presses of the regime, of course, the book was not printed in Havana, it was produced by Editions SAND, Paris, on behalf of the National Bank of Cuba.

Large internal pages, 9 X 13 inches. Hard cover in like new condition. No included in this item a protection box that some came with.


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