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Constellation model de Cubana de Aviacion. These models were made out of plastic and reinforced or filled with resin, this is not one of those flimsy models. Individually hand painted to perfection. It was built to precise scale and painted according to color photographs of the actual airplane. Absolute satisfaction guaranteed!

Wingspan: 11.50"
Lenght: 10.50"

Your model will arrive safely packed in "a box within a box" package, and fully assembled except for propellers that you must slide its shafts in the motors, the display -stand has a hand screw that firmly secure the model to the stand. No tools of any kind required.

Brief Constellation history: Perhaps the most beautiful airliner ever flown, the Lockheed Super-G Connie was the airplane that opened Europe to the hoards of postwar American tourists that could not or would not spend the time and money to cross the Atlantic by ship. The L-109 was the first airliner with sufficient speed and range to be termed inter-continental.

The Lockheed Constellation (Connie)was one of the most graceful airliners ever placed in service. With its long, sinuous fuselage and gently tapered, upswept wings, the sleek Constellation suggested a seagull in flight. Another distinctive feature of the Constellation was its triple rudder assembly. This feature was in marked contrast to the more conventionally designed single-fin.


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