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    1932 Sloppy Joe's Bar Cocktails Manual

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      SKU: 900-sloppy-joe-1931-1932
      1932 Sloppy Joe's Bar Cocktails Manual

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      Libro - Book

      Small 64 pages Cocktails Manual for the 1931-1932 Season.

      Include short biography of the famous bar and photos of the founders. 2.75 X 4 inches.

      It is in extremely good condition, cover firmly attached 1931-1932 SEASON COCKTAIL MANUAL A small booklet with: photo print of Sloppy Joe & his partner, a short biography, pages and pages of cocktail recipes, and more - 61 pages plus index. A great mixology source, for reference, a party, decoration, a collection. The manual has no page wear, just age coloring. FREE SHIPPING.

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