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    1957-09-26 SC 577 Cuba Stamp Block (New)

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      SKU: 1957-stamp-block-scott-577-new
      1957-09-26 SC 577 Cuba Stamp Block (New)

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      Block of four Cuban stamps.

      Country: Cuba
      Year: 1957
      Denomination: 4 Centavos.
      Scott Catalog No.: 577
      Condition: New
      Notes: Green & lt Red Brown
      Perforated: 12 ½
      Watermark: 106 Sol
      Engrave: "Generals of the Liberation" General A. Varona , General Francisco Peraza, General Vicente Miniet, General Avelino Rosas, General Jose J. Sanchez, General Juan P. Cebreco, General D Castillo Duany, General Tomas Padro Category:

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