1955 Philatelic sheet, Centenario Exposicion Filatelica

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This philatelic sheet -hojita filatelica- was issued on Apr 24, 1955 to celebrate Exposicion Filatelica International de Centenary.

is approximate 13.25 X 6.75 Inches, published by Ministerio de Comunicaciones, Direccion de Correos.

The 13 inches side is folded im three parts, in one side of the sheet is a short description of the events leading to this issue, and the number of stamps issued.

The other side of the sheet is shown in the image, we are only showing two parts of the three foldings to be able to show a larger image.

Esta hojita filatelica fue emitida para para celebrar el Centenario del primer sello Postal. A beautifull piece of Philatelia. It shows a minor wear mark on the top left side of the sheet.


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