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    1898 SC 188-a Cuba Stamp 5 Milesimas, (New)

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      SKU: 1898-stamp-5-milesimas-scott-188-a-new
      1898 SC 188-a Cuba Stamp 5 Milesimas, (New)

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      Scott 188a-OInverted surcharge, new.

      This Cuba stamp is one of the rare stamp named after in which they were issued, Puerto Principe. Because of high value of these stamps a large number of fakes has been detected. We have tried to expertize these stamps and have found several instances in which "experts", (that charge up to $25 for expertize 3 Centavos,stamp) have rendered different opinions as to the legitimacy of the same stamp.

      In view of the above we have opted for offering these stamps for sale at fraction of the catalog price, without any guaranty as to legitimacy, and as final sale, no returns. Country: Cuba
      Year: 1898
      Denomination: 2 Milesimas
      Scott Catalog No.: 179
      Condition: New
      Notes: 2 Milesimas chnt
      Perforated: 14
      Typology: "King Alfonso XIII"

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