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    Bottle 1874 Camaguey Aguas Minerales, Pijuan Hermanos, Cuban Bottle

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      Bottle 1874 Camaguey Aguas Minerales, Pijuan Hermanos, Cuban Bottle

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      Cuban bottle from 1800's. From Camaguey, Cuba. In one side of the botte it read in embossed letters CAMAGUEY, on the other side it reads PIJUAN HERMANOS.
      A real antique bottle. A glass marble ball in the neck was pushed up against a rubber gasket in the lip to seal the bottle. The pressure of the carbonated beverage inside kept the glass marble in place. Theses bottles had to be filled upside down in order for the marble to properly seat. The indentations in the neck kept the glass ball marble from clogging when the contents were poured out.
      The insert in the image shows the top part of a similar bottle that was never used, the difference with our bottle is that the glass marble ball inside our bottle is the same color as the bottle therefore the glass ball can not be seen clearly in the photo image in our site.
      This bottle is made out of a very thick and heavy glass that has remained in exceptional condition, as shown in the image, the bottle has tiny spots (clearly seen in the photo)of nicks caused by the many trips to and from refills. The letterings are engraved in the bottle and still in excellent condition.


      Botella cubana del siglo XIX. Botella de Camaguey Aguas Minerales.

      En un lado de la botella, a relieve en el cristal, en letras grandes, se lee: CAMAGUEY, en el otro lado, tambien en letras a gran relieve se lee PIJUAN HERMANOS. 

      Esta botella es del siglo XIX, de grueso cristal resistente, con el muy especial cierre patentado en 1874, con bola de cristal que esta dentro de la botella permanentemente y que impide que el liquido se salga.

      La parte de abajo de la imagen muestra el cuello de una botella exacta al que que ofrecemos pero que nunca fue usada, la diferencia es que en nuestra botella la bola de cristal es del mismo color de la botella y por tanto no se ve claramente en la foto  la imagen, aunque por supuesto, si se ve claramente en persona . En muy buenas condiciones con muy ligeras muestras de roces con otras botellas durante los miles de viajes que debe de haber hecho de la fabrica al consumidor.

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