1953 Cuban 1 Peso silver coin, Marti 100th birthday

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Product Description

In almost uncirculated condition. One peso coin, one of the three coins issued as part of a set of three coins to commemorate the 100th birthday of Jose Marti.

Contens: Silver 0.90, 0.7735 oz, 26.7295 gr. 1,000,000 made. Same size as the US dollar coin.

Optional - Vintage Cuba Coat of Arms Coin Display Gift Box.
Vintage sturdy metal coin display gift box entirely wrapped in black leatherette. Outer hinged lid stamped with Cuba Coat of Arms in gold color. Interior hinged lid wrapped in aged cream satin cloth with centered Cuban Flag silk screened in color Cuban. Interior hinged base wrapped in black velvet with precision molded coin insert securely holds one (1) Cuban One Peso in flat position. Use for gift display storage and presentation.
Condition: New Old (Old Stock, aged stock that was never sold)
Size: Width: 2.5 inches x Length: 2.5 inches


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