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Cenicero original del Riviera Restaurant and "PART TIME LOUNGE"
como se lee en los letreros del cenicero.

Estaban localizados en 1771 SW Coral Way, Maimi, Fla. Antes de la época del CODIGO DE AREA 305 y linea rotativas, su teléfono era 854-1307, y 854-9022.

En perfectas condiciones, como nuevo, sin defectos.

Vintage ashtray, from Riviera Restaurant and "part time lounge",
as they write in the ashtray.

From the era before the area code 305-854-1307 and 854-9022, one of the most famous Italian Restaurants of that era, established in 1939.
In perfect condition, no cracks, no stains, no clouded glass, just like new.

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