Framed in a box, 26 colors and shades of Tropicana swizzle sticks

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The colors and shades of famous Cuban night club Tropicana in swizzle sticks.

Vintage twenty six different colors and shades in perfect condition, framed inside a shadow box for a beautiful display of colors in memorabilia.

Shadow box can be opened and close with ease, for handling. We guarantee safe arrival within the United States, we can not guarantee that every stick will be on its place, they may fall down within the box while in transit, of course, they can be easily be put back in its place by opening the front cover of the box.

Also available for $195 the 26 sticks in different colors without the box, and you can do your own arrangement. If interested in the 26 sticks alone please write us.

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Veinte seis diferentes colores en los bellisismos revolvedores de bebidas de Tropicana. Cada uno en su lugar dentro de la fina caja de madera con su puerta de cristal al frente. Garantizamos que todo llegue en perfectas condiciones, excepto que los revolvedores estTn en su lugar, se pueden mover en transito pero puede ser puestos llevados en su lugar con facilidad con solo abrir la puerta de cristal.

TambiTn disponibles los 26 revolvedores en diferentes colores sin la caja por $195, si tuviese interTs en los revolvedores solamente por favor escribanos.


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