1897 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Souvenier Type III (NGC-AU)

1897 Cuban Silver 1 Peso Souvenier Type III (NGC-AU)

Product Description

Encapsulated, Guaranteed Authentic and rated by NGC as AU (Almost Uncirculated). NGC included a line in their capsule to explain why they did not rated this coins as Uni-circulated. They wrote: "Excessive Hairlines". The hairlines that they refer to are not visible with the naked eye or with a simple magnifying glass. We assume that those hairlines can be seen with a professional microscope, therefore those with a microscope can see the hairlines, most people would be unable to see the hairlines.

This is the rare Type III class (star above date line) of the 1987 One peso souvenir.

Issued in 1897
This silver (.900) coin was issued in the United States to collect funds for the war against Spain. It shows Leonor Molina's profile on one side and the Cuban Coat of Arms on the other. After the Republic was founded this coin was accepted as currency in recognition of the faith and economic sacrifice of those that bought it.


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