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ABOUT THE BOOK… Lucho Seguido loved sex. He was your everyday, happy-go-lucky teenager in Bahana, Cúab until the revolution and the communist takeover. He had to grow up fast. Within a very few months, he was doing some things he would have never dreamed, with the coldness of a professional assassin. And things were being done that no one could have imagined --to him and to his entire family; indeed, to the whole nation. As persecution and beatings became rougher, so did his sex life. Patria, Lucho'ss mother, worries. And when she worries, she cooks. So she cooks a lot in this book, making the reader privy to some great Cuban recipes. (A cookbook will follow). There are many other key characters. Good, bad, weak, strong. All very human. The book, then, has many angles, many ‘frames’: cooking tips; funny, sexy anecdotes; great descriptions of the land and its people. But then, there is that other ‘Frame’ (with a capital ‘F’) that keeps building throughout its pages: the gradual encasing of the human mind. This last ‘Frame’, with its violent, sinister undertones, also makes the book a prime study on revolution. “C+AB: A FRAME OF MIND” is about what happens when one ‘not-so-hot’ world view is defeated –at a certain time and place—by another one, more ruthless and intransigent. It is about a ‘frame’, as in a perspective or posture; but also a ‘framing’, as when something –or someone-- is boxed in and cut off from everything. It is a ‘Ying and Yang’. It is something that deals with History in a specific circumstance, yet something that addresses the history of History --like a warped ‘Twilight Zone’. “C+AB: A FRAME OF MIND” addresses the dialogue in the world today, and shows the horrors that can happen by not coming up with the right answers. Then, it puts the 'ball' right in your 'court': …Because, "To witness a crime in silence, is to commit it…" Jose Marti

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