Acrylic Display Box with 9 Cuban Polymitas-22

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Product Description

Caracoles Polimitas cubanas.

This special box contains smaller polymitas than the rest of the boxes that we offer.

If you purchase this item you will receive a box with almost the exact color and size polymitas, you may not even notice the differences, not having to take a new photo and load it to the website every time a box is sold saves us a lot of work, the savings are reflected in the much lower price that we are selling this particular box.

The images show a beautiful acrylic box 4" X 4" X 4" approximately, with nine Polymitas. A lot better than framed, all sides of Polymitas can be seen if desired.

We are showing two different views of the box, and a close up of the shells for a better view of each Polymita in the box. Polymitas are not permanently placed in their stands, therefore they can be easily rearranged as desired.


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