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Product Description

Vintage Amazing menu from world famous Tropicana Night Club and Casino.

Cover made of thick kind of black leatherette material, beautiful design on front cover printed in pastel colors. Twelve interior pages of extra heavy glossy paper, with the corresponding tabs, one side in English and the other side in Spanish. In a few words, this is the most elegant menu that we have ever seen from that era.
The menu shows an amazing number of options in food and drinks at risible prices.

Interior pages (over 9 X 12 inches) are originally attached to each other by one single staple. The menu pages are not attached to the cover, we are under the impression that the pages were interchangeable and held to the cover by one thin cord that it is not included (with the cover elegance the cord had to be golden color) that went around the cover holding the pages, that method would have made it easy to change the pages by sliding the new pages between the cord and the interior of the cover, as changes in menus and prices made the changes necessary, without having to come up with new expensive covers.

In extraordinary conservation condition, the cover has one thin scratch thinner than a pin and less than one inch long, you may see the scratch in the image, it is about one inch from the top on the right hand side.


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