Welcome to Cuba, a Tourist Guide, 1955-1956

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A yearly season publication as a tourist guide.

A very complete visitor’s guide. It starts by describing the passport and visa requirements, US and Canadian citizens not only didn’t need visas to enter the country, they were not even required to have a passport. Most major European countries, and most Latin American citizens were required to have passport but no visas were required.

It gives detailed information about all tourist destinations in the Island, traveling information, even train and buses schedule. It shows lots of useful information for the tourist. List of restaurants, advertising ads from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, transportation, activities, etc.

This issue published in English, 98 pages of high quality paper of 5 X 7 inches. In excellent condition, original cover in beautiful and firm colors, as well as the back and interior covers. Interior pages in immaculate condition.

Guia cubana de turismo de 1955-56 en ingles solamente, dedicada al turismo de habla inglesa.


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