Havana Weekly 1949, Feb 25. A Tourist Guide Publication

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It looks like it has never been read, no signs of ever been handled. A Weekly tourist guide.

This edition was published on February 25, 1949

A Weekly publication as a tourist guide. This issue contains 28 pages of pocket book size 5.25 X 7.25 inches. In excellent condition, a hardcover was added to his edition was without damaging the original cover.

It shows lots of useful information for the tourist. List of restaurants, advertising ads from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, transportation, activities, etc. Guia cubana de turismo de 1950.

Esta edición recién encuadernada en caratula dura, sin estropear la caratula original como se puede apreciar en la imagen.

Guía cubana de turismo de 1940.


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