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    Advertising glass Snow White - Materva

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      Advertising glass Snow White - Materva

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      Cuban Advertising Glass from the 1950's.

      The famous Cuban soft drink Materva obtained the rights to make a series of advertising glasses based on Walt Disney's Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs.

      We placed bubble paper inside the glass to block the other side of the glass from intermingling with the front view. One glass with two sides views.
      One side of the glass shows the image and name of one of the characters, and the title in Spanish of the story. At the feet of the image the Copyright logo of Walt Disney.

      On the other side the glass shows a very detailed description of the character in English, and right underneath their advertising message in Spanish that translate loosely to: "Gift from Materva soft drink."
      Size: 4.5 inches.

      Vaso cubano de propaganda de la década de 1950. Imágenes de los dos lados de un mismo vaso.

      El conocido refresco Materva utilizo la historieta de Blanca Nieves, de Walt Disney para hacer esta serie de vasos que regalaba como promoción a sus productos.

      Por un lado del vaso la imagen del personaje, y por el otro lado, como cosa curiosa la descripción de cada personaje en idioma ingles, y le sigue debajo su propaganda en español: OBSEQUIO DEL REFRESCO MATERVA.
      Tamaño: 4.5 pulgadas de alto.

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