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Gran Casino Chips DUO, .10 and .50 Cents. One 10 and one 50 cents chip (yes, cents, not dollars, which indicates chips must have been from the early 1940) Cuban Casino Chip from hGCc. From what we have been told and the initials we believe this chips is from of old casino named Gran Casino Havana Cuba.

Note: Both chips are in very good condition, however they are not perfect, all have a tiny nick here and there. The above mentioned defects are hard to notice in the image, unless a very close examination of the chip is done the defect is not noticeable.

One cuban-casino-chip-gchc-10: Casino chip, Gran-Casino Habana-Cuba 10 cents. Reg $19.00
One cuban-casino-chip-gchc-50: Gran-Casino Habana-Cuba 50 cents. Reg $19.00

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