Bottle La Cotorra, Full, Gas, 9.5 inches, Vintage Cuba

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Cuban water bottle of the 50's. Vintage Cuban bottle from La Cotorra mineral water bottling plant., almost full of the original gassed water contents, minimal evaporation of about one inch of water.

This bottle, with a label of light yellow color, was used for water with gas, still after more than 60 years the gas still in the bottle, by gently moving the bottle, bubbles can be seen in the bottle. Size 9.5 inches high. Image shows different views of the same full bottle. No lost paint of any kind, evidently this bottle never traveled to stores in one of those wooden cases, no signs of wear.

Botella cubana. La imagen muestra diferentes lados de la misma botella de La Cotorra, Loma de la Cruz, Guanabacoa, Cuba. La botella permanece llena del contenido de agua gaseada original, la tapa ha sido víctima del óxido y no se puede apreciar los colores originales.

Luce como acabada de salir de la planta por primera vez, no tiene perdida de pintura, por lo que tenemos que pensar que solo fue embotellada una vez. 9 1/2 pulgadas de alto.


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