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Specialized coin album with spaces for ALL Cuban coins minted by the Republic. Size approximately 8 X 9.5 inches. New, never used in the original manufacturer packing. 

Both sides of the coins can observed once in the album.

Coins can be added or removed from the pages easily without damaging the album pages or the coins.

On the lower priced album that we have available in our site, only one side of the coin can be seen once the coins are placed in the album, and coins are difficult to remove and replace if better quality coins are obtained over time.

This top of the line album consists of 5 pages and contains a total of 61 slots. These slots are designed to house coins issued by Cuba starting in 1915 and during the Republic.

Every coin design and date issued by Cuba has it own space with the matching diameters and dates for all major varieties.

The last page of the album is for Gold coins, with 11 slots for gold coins of 1915-1916 (removable, if you do not collect gold and do not want to have an empty page).

Please note that this is an empty album. Coins are not included, and can be purchased separately depending on availability.

You are buying the empty album only, and no coins are included.

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