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    Candle Holder, Vintage from Hotel Nacional

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      SKU: ceramic-hotel-nacional-reparied
      Candle Holder, Vintage from Hotel Nacional

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      An original candle holder used by Hotel guests during electrical failures before the flahslights and generators were used. It was made expressely for Hotel Nacional de Cuba by Lamberton Scammell and furnished by N. Straus & Sons Inc, New York. Closed up photos show details. In inmaculate condition, except that evidently the handle where the index finger is inserted has been glued back toghether, the repair is a strong bond, with no danger of getting loose again. You can see the crack in the photos, hard to see it, unless you know is there. No other signs of damages visible after very detailed inspection.

      Candelero original del Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Fotos de los impresos indican claramente la procedencia.

      En perfectas condiciones, excepto por la agarradera donde se inserta el dedo indice ha sido pegada al plato, evidentemente después de haberse despegado. Es difícil ver la reparación si no se sabe que esta allí. 

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