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1899 Cuban census. In  English, done by the the US Government

during the first intervention.

An historic book, very difficult to find.

A very detailed report of every aspect of the island of Cuba after the liberation form Spain. An in depth study of the population divided y sex, race, age, place of birth, type of employment, number of business and type, plus many other aspects of the population.

All of the above information divided by the six provinces, (at the time Camaguey province still had the name of Puerto Principe as named under Spain domination), the divided by municipalities, and townships.

A listing of industries and commerce, indicating total production of each one and the number of employee.

This book was printed in 1900, still has it original cover that has suffer the rigor of over 120 years, is getting loose from the pages, if used carefully it will remain with its original cover for many years. The interior pages  are in excellent shape, just a few pages with yellowish color on around the borders, the majority of the pages look like they have never been read. The pages with appendix and bibliography have a small water stain in the lower corner.

785 pages are 6 X 9.25 inches, made of excellent quality paper. It contains several dozen quality B&W photos from  different provinces, maps in two colors and charts.


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