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    Caramelo Deportivo Felices 1945 - 1946 Baseball Trading Cards

    These are called cards but they are printed in paper, because of this it is next to impossible to find cards in mint condition, all have faults, like folding marks, gum marks, etc. Some were pasted to albums and were removed loosing part of the lettering in the back of the cards.

    The legend CubaCollectibles that appears on the face of most of our cards are to protect our images from unathorized copies, of course, the legend is not on the original cards.

    Estas postalitas fueron impresas en papel, por lo que es practicamente imposible encontrarlas sin marcas de dobleces, algunas estuvieron pegadas a un album y presenta marcasde goma, etc. Al removerlas de sus albums muchas perdieron parte de la informacion en la parte de atras de las postalitas, esto es tipico en estas postalitas.

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