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Cuban liquor bottled by Jose Arechabala S. A. Cardenas, Matanzas, Cuba. Printed in the label: Apple of Paradise, the best cordial. Date unknown but looks like 1930's. One third of the liquor is left in the bottle, the rest was evaporated over the years, recently a drop of resin was poured over the cork to prevent further evaporation.

This bottle is seven and a half inches high and original contens are labeled as 750 mililitros.

Botella original de Arechabala, Manzana del Paraiso, el mejor cordial. En la parte de atras de la botella tiene una etiqueta que lee asi: Este licor irradia optimismo y produce una sensacion de bienestar, disipando las preocupaciones. Tomado despues de las comidas se considera como un gran estimulante y digestivo.


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