Earl E. T. Smith The Fourth Floor (English)

Earl E. T. Smith The Fourth Floor (English)

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Book, English version only available. This book has been read and it has been handled with extreme care. This is the third printing of the first edition. 

By Earl E. T. Smith

Former United States ambassador to Cuba, who represented this country from 1957 to 1959, the year Castro's 26th of July movement gained ultimate victory.

The Fourth Floor identifies the State Department offices of secondary officials who determine out Latin American policy.

"Ambassador Smith now publicly reveals for the firs time the efforts made to provide an alternate solution to the Cuban situation-without Castro and without Batista; and how these efforts were ignored by Washington officials of the "fourth floor who refused to lend support to any peaceful solution--without Castro."

"The author's chronological narrative of his term as ambassador is well documented to show that the Castro communist revolution need never have occurred, and that the official State Department policy of non intervention in Cuban affairs, was, in fact, a policy which gave positive assistance to Castro."

"The substance of remarks made at a January 16, 1958, State Department press conference: the United States will never be able to do business with Fidel Castro, and he will not honor his international obligations and will not be able to maintain law and order".

"March 9. 1960, interview in Palm Beach Post Times: "we should not be surprised if Cuba signs mutual security pacts soon with Russia and possibly also with red China. It would then be logical for them to establish military bases on Cuba.

In view of this potential danger to the United States and the entire American continent, I believe the time has come for our government to take action again the Castro regime...in my opining the wooing of Cuba by Russia is part of the giant international political chess game of the cold war."


I become an ambassador

The early days the Santiago incident

Difficulties with Batista

Fidel Castro and the CIA

The tight rope

Censorship and propaganda

The break up

Assassinations and confidence

Washington press conference

Broken promises and deceptions

The election and intervention

Guantanamo naval base

American intervention and the fall of Batista

The communist pattern

The elections that failed

State Department ambiguity

The removal of Batista

The mob takes over

Castro takes over

Duties and techniques of an ambassador

What does it all mean?

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