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    Covering Cuba 4: The Rats Below, DVD

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      Covering Cuba 4: The Rats Below, DVD

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      IN MEMORIAM: Agustin Blazquez - 04/17/44 - 10/27/22: You save $24.00!

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      An ABIP Production. Covering Cuba the documentary series by the acclaimed filmmaker team of Agustin Blazquez and Jaums Sutton is available in a limited Special Edition DVD , exclusively through 

      This limited Special Edition DVD features Covering Cuba 4: The Rats Below. This 105-min. documentary exposes to the American people how the mighty power of a corporation influences the U.S. government - in this case the corrupt Clinton administration - and brings tragedy to an innocent child and everyone else in the way, using the Gold Rule of power, money and greed.

      It is a fascinating story of intrigue and deceptions that the U.S. media censored because of the economic and political leverage of this corporation that sponsors many of the leading political programs on the major TV and Radio networks.

      It is a story kept hidden because of the prevalent U.S. media dislike for a minority group in America.

      It is a story of secret corporate manipulation of the U.S. government, the media and the American people creating support for their corporate greed, all while staying hidden just under the surface.

      This complex story unravels through the testimonies of: David Hoech, Delfin Gonzalez, Dennis K. Hays, James B. Lieber, Jim Guirard, Larry Klayman, Myles Kantor & Reed Irvine, featuring the songs �Solo Un Ni�o� by Luisa Maria Guell & �Sin Esperanzas� by Gustavo Rex music performed by Richard Stumpf, clarinet; Rafael Monteagudo, percussion, Rodolfo Guzman, composer; pianist and conductor; Virginia Alonso-Tokarz, soprano; Terry Sisk, organ; Springfield United Methodist Church Sanctuary Choir; Linda Apple Monson, conductor; Jose Lopez, piano; Bogdan Chruszcz, violin; Mei Mei Luo, violin; Stephanie Firdman, viola; Iris Van Eck, cello other incidental music arranged by Agustin Blazquez.

      This limited Special Edition DVD also features Dan Rather �60 Minutes� an inside view, an 8-min. interview with Pedro Porro, A.I.A., retired Architect of the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, DC. Mr. Porro participated in the production of a segment of �60 Minutes� and reveals what he found to be a serious manipulation specifically designed to influence the conclusions of the audience.

      This interview was taped on May 18, 2003 - before the scandal on CBS about the �60 Minutes� Dan Rather segment criticizing president Bush in relation to his military service based on fake documents - Mr. Porro came forward and revealed this inside view.

      Mr. Porro was hired in April 2000 as a translator (English to Spanish) for the interview by Dan Rather of Juan Miguel Gonzalez, the father of Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year old boy involved in an international custody dispute between Fidel Castro�s regime and a humble Cuban American family in Miami during the Clinton administration.

      Mr. Porro participated in the 10-hour taping session for "60 Minutes." Greg Craig -Clinton�s lawyer during his impeachment process, who also acted as lawyer forJuan Miguel Gonzalez and as advisor to John Kerry during his presidential campaign - was present and involved.

      While taping the Dan Rather interview, Mr. Porro observed what appears to be one more pattern of deception by Dan Rather, "60 Minutes" and CBS.

      This limited Special Edition DVD also features previews of Agustin Blazquez�s other films about Cuba.

      Also available through in DVD for only $19.95 are Covering Cuba 2: The Next Generation, Covering Cuba 3: Elian & Cuba: The Pearl of the Antilles

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