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This is the extremely rare 1937 1 Peso coin. Also known as ABC. The coin is Mint State encapsulated and rated as MS 61 by Numimastic Guaranty Corporation.

The imagesares of the actual coin that you will receive.

ABC coins were minted while the ABC political party was in power from 1932 to 1939. There are long stories about the 1937 coin and the reason for its high value. To mention one story in particular in abbreviated form, because an accident during the shipment of the 1937 coins made in USA to Cuba most of the coins were lost in the bay as the crate containing the coins broke, most coins went to the dark and deep waters of the bay, the coins that survived the accident were sent to Cuba and kept in a vault for many years waiting for a resolution of who was going to pay for the loss of the coins in the accident.

Sixteen years later, in 1953, the government of Cuba wanted to issue a set of coins in honor of Jose Marti 100th birthday, but they didn't have the silver to make the coins, someone came up with the idea of melting the 1937 coins in the vault to make the 1953 Marti coins, and that is what they did.

The few 1937 ABC coins that survived the accident are supposedly the coins that were pocketed by the people around the port at the time of the accident and maybe some pilferage while the coins were in the vault, in total very few coins survived, and therefore the high value of the 1937 coin.


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